"When evil has fallen not across the earth as a shadow, but upon the ground as ash and dust, soon will a new darkness come borne from it's cinders. One which claims the skies as it's throne to watch the world below become fire."

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Kilitheyoungest | Stumble and Fall


"Me?" Kili asked standing up from the ground, kicking the dead body of the orc just for good measure. "Making sure your plan did not backfire. Hiding under hay, seriously? That’s the first place everyone would check in this kind of situation!" Kili snapped starting to get very annoyed by Thalurin’s attitude to this whole situation.

True, it was his fault that Thalurin had been captured with him. But without him he would have been killed last night and he thought that would count as something. Apparently not. He crouched down beside the body and started to search it for the keys, making sure to touch the creature as little as he could as he yanked the brass keys from the cloth.

"Come on, the faster we get out of here the faster you can get rid of me and continue on your life." He muttered walking over to the bars and opened the door slowly, pushing it open with as little sound as he could.

Even he knew he could be annoying at times, it was his way to cope in stressful situations but he hadn’t thought that someone would actually purely hate him for it.

Shaking his head a bit he pocketed the keys just in case, and frowned thoughtfully. Going disarmed would be stupid.

His eyes scanned the lowly lit area, fires from the torches illuminating the pathway with a pale orange glow. Finding a poorly made spear from one of the barrers Kili yanked it to himself. It would be probably hard to use but better than nothing.

Glancing behind him he made sure Thalurin was still somewhere close before he started to creep forward, knowing they had only little time to find the exit before being discovered.

Thalurin had never fathomed himself an expressly proud person when it came down to the opinions and objections of others encompassing his being, least of all from his own employers and the raucous, simpleminded dolts they christened as ‘valued customers’, but it seemed the Prince strode within another plane of existence entirely from the god-forsaken rabble that nettled his patience like barbs - for none seemed to have come as close to eliciting such frustration out of him as the dwarf now bruising his pride with the blunt, stinging words of disapproval at his actions.

"If you hadn’t noticed," Thalurin hissed out through gritted teeth, bent ever-so-slightly at the waist so he stood at a more even level to his shorter partner, "I convinced the orc to come into our cell. What would you have done?” He enquired, his tone ebbing to that of a low growl the nearer they walked to the mouth of the tunnel, “Invited that thing over to have a leisurely conversation? Oh! How’s our ransom coming along?” Thalurin mocked, his darkened eyes nary straying from Kili’s frame as he chided.

An audible wheezing, akin to that of water touching the skin of heated iron, reverberated up from somewhere in the mines, and Thalurin hushed to peer into the shadows and get some sense as to what he was hearing. It was possible the orc’s had fashioned a smithy, something more or less appropriate for constructing their own brand of crude mish-mash weaponry with, but unless he and Kili investigated further it was nye on impossible to tell what the sound was, or even where it was coming from.

"At the risk of sounding like you: You’re a dwarf," Thalurin began, "Does that sound like metalwork to you? I heard it before…when we were first locked up, and during the night, but the orc’s wouldn’t be foolish enough-" He paused mid-sentence to consider the vast number of dim-witted individuals - one of whom was stood close by to him, mere inches away - of who he’d bore the misfortune of encountering within his lifetime, "Then again." He amended as he regarded Kili, gaze still shaded beneath an intense wariness, but no longer impassioned by a wounded esteem.

Thalurin loathed to seek the Prince’s opinion on the matter but there was no hiding from the fact that Kili, as dwarven royalty, would be all too familiar with the sights and sounds that accompanied a blacksmith’s hazy quarters. He himself had learned in many human smithy’s the trade of creating weapons and armour but this, he imagined, meant nothing to someone who had been born into a culture dedicated to the art of forging and crafting, and Thalurin would be as much a fool as the orc’s if he didn’t look to Kili’s council now to determine if the gamble would be worth their while.

No matter how harrowingly irritating Kili may be, Thalurin would not allow his dislike of the dwarf to be the cause of their failure.


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"A paradox of power, neatly folded within an innocuous mortal box. He fascinates me, so unaware of his nature, and I can only hope our association will aid in freeing what he cages so adeptly."



It took Kili some time (an embarassing amount of time) to realize something was different. And no, it was not because of the lack of orcs or the horrible smell in their noses, nor the feel of fresh water on his skin.

It wasn’t anything large, just small things. Like how easily he smiled around Thalurin despite the other man snapping at him nearly all the time. How he was more drawn to him at evenings and no, it was not because of the cold.

A part of him was ready for Thalurin pushing him away at any moment, claiming he’d be too clingy or annoying and since they were out of the orc prison already, why would he stick with him after all?

Yet he would catch a smile on his face now and then, would wake up covered under Thalurin’s jacket on cold mornings, would get a friendly pat on head now and then.

And it was only nearly two weeks after when he even thought about looking at his wrist and when he did…

The numbers glared right back at him, blank zeroes unmoving on his skin.

He was stuck staring at the numbers, gawking at them and nearly jumped out of his skin when an arm landed over his shoulders, tugging him to Thalurin’s side where he buried his face more than contently.

"Sorry it took me so long to figure out."

Kilitheyoungest | Stumble and Fall


Kili rolled his eyes at Thalurin’s words, grumbling silently as he made himself as small as he could under the hay. He felt a bit disoriented, not fully awake yet to grasp what was happening around him.

The wake up hadn’t been that pleasant one, he would have to talk with Thalurin about the right way to wake someone up unless they wanted a knife through their throat.

He flicked his eyes on the orc then let out a displeased noise at Thalurin’s words and Kili’s lips pulled up in a small grin.

Sneaky. Cliche, but maybe it would work.

He held his breath as the orc opened the door and pushed Thalurin away from his way. It started to look through the small cell, his nose working as he tried to sniff where Kili was hiding.

Smart creature.

Surprisingly smart.

Even it seemed to realize it was nearly impossible to escape from the prison just like that.

Kili’s breath caught in his throat as the orc stopped right beside him, his head turning as he scanned the cell, keeping his eyes on Thalurin now and then and making sure he didn’t do anything. Yet it took Kili a small moment to realize he was going to get caught.

The hand reached for the hay obviously going to look through it and he knew he had a split second to act before getting caught and probably beaten to the next week.

Pressing his palms flat on the floor Kili bounced, tackling the orc right on the ground and pinning him down, trying to ignore the screech the creature let out. He knew he didn’t have the upper hand for long like this and he shot a look at Thalurin. “Do it!”

Thalurin withdrew from the bars as the orc grunted low in the back of it’s throat, a noise that he would liken to suspicion, wherein a hint of trepidation could also be heard, “And how did the dwarf escape?” The creature inclined it’s head as it inched toward the gate, it’s yellowed and decaying teeth bared as Thalurin bowed his head, observing the orc’s movements from beneath his lashes. As the orc retrieved the keys from it’s leather belt, no doubt plundered from some poor man’s corpse, Thalurin allowed it the most fleeting of shrugs from his shoulders.

"Wide bars, small man." He dismissed, and raised his brows at the orc as it entered the chamber and searched the dark shadows within for signs of the Prince, torch held up to illuminate what was hardest to distinguish in the gloom. It’s bottomless eyes scoured all the four corners of the room for the dwarf, each mote of dust and split in the stone walls failing to conceal itself, before it raised it’s nose to the air and inhaled. Stood nearby the iron bars, stationary and willing himself not to take a misguided glimpse in his cellmates direction, Thalurin tensed.

"Smells like he’s here." The orc divulged, a rumble that sounded on the verge of smug, "Where are you hiding him?" It inquired, before it’s questing gaze landed on the bed of hay Kili had been secreted under. Thalurin retained a pointed stare at the orc, even as the creature came ever-closer to rooting out it’s quarry, Just a few more seconds, With each lurching step forward the orc took Thalurin would inch back toward the corner his bow was hidden in, Don’t be foolish, Kili!, He pleaded as his fingertips brushed painted wood and grasped one of the limbs.

Which was the moment Kili chose to make an appearance.

Thalurin stood immobile as the dwarf collided with the orc, both tumbling to the ground with such an impact that the orc was forced to gargle back a scream of terror and pain, the wind stolen from it’s lungs, Unbelievable!, Thalurin reproved as the Prince shouted some sense back into him. The orc had not been the only individual unprepared for an assault such as the one Kili had pulled off, but mercifully Thalurin was quicker than the orc and moved towards the disoriented creature before it saw reason to wrestle Kili off and warn the others of their revolt.

Taking both limbs in his hands, Thalurin slammed the jagged ends of each arm into the orc’s eye sockets until they would no more sink into it’s head; the orc convulsing in pure anguish for a time before it, and it’s low hissing screech, died with nary an echo to send it’s farewells. For one long unearthly moment Thalurin found himself unable to catch his breath as he stared, unseeing, down at the orc. In some sanguine part of his mind there was little more keeping them from freedom than slipping unheeded passed the hoard of orc’s that festered within the mountain, but Thalurin knew better than to believe such an impossible task could be executed without chance for setback.

Bringing himself out of his daze, Thalurin set his foot against the bottom half of the orc’s face and used it as leverage to wrench the bloodied limbs of his bow from the inky, dark hollows where the orc’s eyes had been. Thalurin examined the stained, splintered wood with grim fascination before he remembered Kili’s actions and turned on him, aiming the bows limbs at the dwarf in a noncommittal threat.

"What in all hell were you thinking?”

❝ I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself. ❞

- Friedrich Nietzsche (via mrsfscottfitzgerald)

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